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Well they have stopped making these extraordinary yachts at the Circa Yard in New Zealand.  The designers Steve and Linda Dashew retired after a lifetime on the waves.  As luck would have it though, their ideas live on in many respects with designs form Circa Yard, Artnautica, and Arksen incorporating many of the ideas first promulgated by FPB.  Read through the pages of this site or speak to your friendly team at Explorer Yacht. We are here to guide you when you want to find the perfect yacht for your next adventure.

Here are some quick specs from the original FPB range to set you going:

FPB 64 Spec

  • LOA0 19.85m / 64.95 ft – 63.6 at water line
  • Beam- 5.22 m / 17.04 ft
  • Draft- 1.37 m /4.5 ft
  • Displacement- 30 tonnes
  • Engines- 1 by John Deere 4045
  • Cruising speed- 9.25-10 kN – 10.5 max kN
  • Range- 6400 NM@ 9 kN 5500 @ 9.5 kN

FPB 70 Spec

  • LOA- 23.8m / 78 ft – 75.4 at water line
  • Beam- 5.5 m / 18 ft
  • Draft- 1.55 m /5.1 ft
  • Engines- 2 by John Deere 4045 165hp at 2300 RPM
  • Cruising speed- 10.5 kN – 12.5 max kN
  • Range- 5000 NM@10.5 kN

There is also the FPB 78 Spec and FPB 97 Spec which are available to view on our website.

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