Explorer Yacht Options Just Became Wider!

Pioneered the Naval Architecture aristocracy of the yachting world, Steve Dashew and Nigel Irens, the era of the long lean rugged explorer yacht just expanded into another chapter. Naval Architect, Artnautica, has developed rugged seaworthy motor yachts with extreme passage and range capabilities covering 58, 65, 78 and 85 foot hulls. Each size is now a reality being either afloat or in construction. I count 9 vessels in this range, completed or under construction. For more details, read on!

LRC 58 – 5 hulls in this class now sailing.

LRC58-03 Britt is currently for sale, if you want to own and sail an LRC58 today. The fin-stabilised LRC58-3 Britt is available to travel the world, without the build wait. Details can be found HERE.  A fifth, the twin engined LRC58-05 Aldania, has now been launched on April 20th in Hindeloopen, Netherlands (photo above). Photos of the build and the launch can be found HERE.  Aldania’s home port is Pula, Croatia.

LRC 65 became a reality!The LRC65 design is finished!  After designing the LRC58 (2013) and the XPM78 (2016) Dennis Harjamaa, the NZ architect of the Long Range Cruiser has decided to fill the gap between the two. In March 2020 the LRC65 design came to life. So anyone who has been waiting for this moment and is considering an LRC65 build can move forward now. The first LRC65 build is scheduled to start in The Netherlands in the November/December time frame.

We have two XPM78’s in existence.

XPM78-01 Mobius

The first was splashed in March of 2021, XPM78-01 Mobius including a custom made water jet aluminum tender.  She has been constructed at Naval Yachts. Single Gardner diesel engine rebuilt by the owner driving a Nova CPP.  Built for an adventurous couple with a lifetime of sailing under their keel.  The owners report regularly on their eXtreme expedition Passage Maker at their very informative site with link HERE.

XPM78-02 Vanguard

The second build to this design is under construction at Naval Yachts in Antalya Turkey.  The build started in May. Built to UK MCA Category 0 (unrestricted) standard, she is capable of safe, long-range operation worldwide under most sea and weather conditions. Vanguard is built to commercial standards including full redundancy of mission-critical systems. She is fitted with twin JD 4045 engines and hybrid electric drives backed by a large split LiFePO4 battery bank.

Lastly, XPM85 just started construction.

Again at the facilities of Naval Yachts in Antalya, XPM 85, 85 foot big brother of the XPM78 is now being jigged on the shop floor ready for construction once aluminum cut plates arrive.  Watch this space for more details as they come in.

Rob Westermann, Artnautica Europe, August 2021

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