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“Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Explorer Yachts

The yachts and yards featured here are not those images that arrive via search engine served up as a dream. These yachts are built by ordinary people with a drive and passion to create specific designs, mostly unobtainable by other means.

Explorer Yachts featured here are typified by extensive range, superb sea keeping, rugged construction and low maintenance. Significant features that allow you to safely explore rarely accessed places, otherwise featured in the annals of the adventurer and the pages of National Geographic.

Their performance is the result of high Length to Beam ratio, self righting stability, aluminium construction, significantly over specified scantlings and a penchant for following commercial marine design protocol.

Read on and see how you can join this exclusive club of seagoing adventure.

"Keeping the start and end of life far apart is simple - Fill the space with memories."
— C Leigh-Jones June 2021.

What's in a Name?

More than many would often think. Exploreryacht.com will add a practical reality to your goal of travel to remote places in comfort and safety.

We have electrical engineers, software designers, naval architects, small business owners, restauranteurs, authors, and long-time sailors, all building vessels taking them to places seldom visited. To places remote, far away, rugged, tropical, arctic, and downright dangerous to the average pleasure craft. But not for these designs and not with capable seafaring hands.

Started some 20 years ago, a new type of motor yacht was created. An explorer yacht that was tough, economical, seaworthy, low maintenance, and capable of ocean-going passages at 9 or 10 knots for extended voyages. Designs that could take what nature dealt, providing safety, convenience, and comfort simultaneously. These are not the white palaces of island or marina hopping. Explorer yachts are as comfortable with the fishing boats of Dutch Harbor as it is with the superyachts of Miami. Often mistaken for commercial craft until you venture inside, then well... read on.

There have been 17 FPB built by Steve and Linda Dashew, spanning 64 through 97 feet. 9 LRC/XPM designs from Artnautica are now in service or under construction ranging from 58 through 85 feet. You also have Arksen creating beautiful explorer yachts for a step up in luxury with three in the making at 85 feet and other designs leaving the drawing board.

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